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LOST's Andrew Divoff (Mikhail) Interview

Here is a nice little interview with everyone's favorite one-eyed other Mikhail (Andrew Divoff). Patchy as we all know was last scene alive pulling the pin on the grenade that killed Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) in the LOST Season 3 finale.

One minor spoiler on whether he is alive or dead, other than that you are free to read because it is mainly about his role in Season 3.

Mikhail was definitely a very interesting character on Lost. I mean, he came back to life twice! What do you think happened? How did he survive the sonic fence and the spear?

Mikhail’s survival is a direct result of being on the island and being in tune with its various vibes. He speaks in awe of Jacob having seen what he can do and how he can inspire. Mikhail’s own explanations are to the point, at least when he spoke of his own past and his encounter with the sonic fence and its low frequency. In this scene Mikhail smiles at this old ‘monster’ one he knows intimately and yearns for the test to come-who will step up to this test? Locke pushes him through at which point Mikhail turns and thanks him.

Do you think it’s the same power that gave Locke the use of his legs back, cleansed Rose’s cancer, and kept Naomi alive?


Because Mikhail is so famous for surviving, is there any chance he’s still alive? Will we see him again?

In case you were wondering at which point my ego would trump my intellect it would be right now. (Highlight to Read Minor Spoiler)Of course he’s still alive, at least on the island he is.(End Spoiler)

I know quite a few Charlie fans are angry at Mikhail for what he did in last season’s finale. How did you feel about your character being responsible for a major character’s death?

On a personal level, and because Dominic is such a great human it weighed heavy until I saw Dom at a great season’s end party thrown by Josh Holloway and was able to give him a hug and say sorry to which he said ‘its alright mate’ and smiled wisely on. I must tell you that at my local mountain coffee shop all the regulars and the staff are big LOST fans and gave me hell for a few weeks-all in good fun!

What was your most memorable moment while in Hawaii filming Lost?

As the island where Oceanic flight 815 went down has magical powers so does the Island of Oahu, and this really answers your next question too, as far as the most memorable moment. From the moment I arrived on the island I was spellbound first by the beauty of the island’s natural attractions, and then by the people who make it an awesome experience to work there.

Which of the Lost actors were the most professional in your opinion? Who did you enjoy doing a scene with most?

There was not one of the actors on the show who was not professional. My first real scenes were with Evangeline Lilly, Terry O’Quinn and Naveen Andrews. The biggest part of the first day was with Evangeline and Naveen who both made me feel at ease and accepted. I thought the work there was dynamic-at the Flame. They were all three very physically adept and what is more important trusting of their fellow actor. I enjoyed the scenes with the lads-Dominic, Daniel Dae, Ian and Jorge helping to save Naomi. I had a great time and learned alot in the scenes with Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson. At any rate I suppose what I was saying is that the working environment- literally and figuratively -made the whole experience memorable.

New footage from the Lost video game (“Via Domus”) has been released, and we caught a glimpse of your character, Mikhail. Did you have to go in for any kind of scan, or to do a voice-over for the game?

I did go in for the voicing of Mikhail and was blown away in a how the hell did they do that kind of a way when I saw the likeness to ‘Patchy’.

Can you tell us anything concerning season 4 of Lost?
As far as season four is concerned even if I could tell you something, I couldn’t, you know how that is!!! One thing I can tell you is that it’ll be too short a season.

What can we expect from you in the near future as an actor? Have you taken on any new roles?

In future I look forward to seeing Indy 4, I must say it was a pleasure to be on a set with all those demi-gods and a pleasure to watch Harrison Ford work and interact with his cast. That was a treat. As for the future I am always excited when I work far away from home and have a chance to experience a new part of the world. I would love to come work in Hungary. I have unfortunately only been there once to visit family living in BudaPest and was treated to a great tour which ended up by the Istvan Cathedral overlooking the Danube.

Thank you so much for your time and for doing this interview. Is there anything else you’d like to say to all your Hungarian Lost fans out there?
To my Hungarian LOST fans I would like to say Nagyon Kösönöm for following my work and I will be keeping you all posted via my website: andrewdivoff.com.

Source: LOST Media Mentions