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ODI LOST Podcast 7 - 4x06 Recap and 4x07 Review

Hey Losties,
How are you all doing...!?

Well I know many of you felt that this past week's episode of LOST (4x06) a Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) Centric episode was probably one of the weaker episodes of Season 4, but it did indeed have some key moments and reveals that could come back to play key roles in the LOST storyline.

In this week's ODI LOST Podcast we cover several of those key moments, including the reveals of Widmore as the man behind the freighter people, the new Tempest hatch, that Ben sent Goodwin to his death, the Hanso logo on Harper's Diploma.

Of course I feel the episode was a good setup episode for future LOST episodes and we provide you with a little preview of Episode 4x07 that does include some spoilers.

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NOTE: Clip 5 includes the preview of this week's episode with MAJOR LOST spoilers.

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