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Episode 4x06 The Other Woman - Transcript of Whispers

Hey All,
As you all should know by now The Whispers in the Jungle have become a key part of LOST, but how they fit into the LOST story line no one really knows yet.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, well through out all 4 season of LOST, when the Losties enter the jungle at certain times you can hear some faint voices. The voices and sounds themselves are quite creepy, but so are the transcripts of these voices. It always seems like perhaps people are watching the Losties and having discussions about them.

Very creepy and weird...but at the same time pretty cool.

The whispers happen at random times and some time do not occur for several episodes, but this season the made a return in episode 1 and then again this past week.

We posted the audio at the following link: Episode 4x07 The Other Woman - Whispers Audio

It is always very hard to figure out the audio, but thanks to our good friend J here are the transcripts of the Whipsers for this week:

Whispers in "The Other Woman"

Right before Juliet runs into Harper in the jungle:

"Sarah is having another..."
"Is that the other woman?"

Right when Juliet runs into Harper in the jungle:

"Look out"
"Sarah is having another..."
"Did you hear that?
"If she won't save us then who is?"
"Sarah, somebody's coming."
Male: There is somebody coming
Female: Hold on one second
Male: There is somebody coming

---Juliet sees Jack---

After Jack runs into Juliet and Harper:

Male "Sarah it's someone we know, Sarah it's someone we know"
Female "I'm not answering"
Male- answer them
"We have our answer"
"Can we trust her"

Finally, a very faint whisper can be heard right before Juliet uses the pulley door contraption at the Tempest Station.

"Its Juliet"

Source: J@The ODI