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Episode 4x06 The Other Woman - Apperance of Hanso Logo

Hey Losties,
As some of you already know or perhaps have seen it, but the Hanso Foundation Logo made an appearance in this episode. The Hanso Foundation, is the company that funded the Dharman Initiative and played a key role during the original LOST ARG The LOST Experience.

Well besides the fact the logo appeared in the episode, more importantly is WHERE it appeared. It is found on one of Harper's diplomas in her office in Othersville.

Thanks to all the LOST fans and their eagle eyes that were able to catch that logo. What does this all mean??

Well, does Hanso and Dharma have their hands much deeper into the others than we think? At least it confirms the involvement of Hanso and with the reveal of Charles Widmore being behind the freighter, well LOST's big money players are going to play an interesting role over the next season or two.

Here is the screencap of the logo and if you look at the left diploma is that a little DHARMA logo also...!?

(Click to Enlarge)