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Josh Holloway Interview in TIME

TIME recently conducted an interview - albeit a small one - with fan favorite Josh "Sawyer" Holloway.

In it, he admits that although he doesn't read online blogs, his wife does. And she gives him updates every morning.

Mrs. Holloway: if you're reading this, please tell Josh I said "sup."

Please feel free to read on. There aren't any spoilers below.

-The Spoiler Hunter

Q & A: Talking with Josh Holloway

The actor plays Southern con man Sawyer on ABC's Lost, which is in its fourth season.

How do you balance playing a character who's both callous and sensitive?
It's been a nice evolution. I miss the simplicity of Sawyer's hard line — when you're just an ass, it's easy. [Laughs.] I like the subtleties of everything else, but I suck at it sometimes because I get confused.

Was it a relief to be able to keep your Southern drawl?
Absolutely. By nature Southerners like to throw out sayings that help add a little comedy when something's not so comical. But I've got to get back to learning how to lose it again. For eight years in Hollywood, all I heard was "Get rid of that accent."

Do you read the blogs that offer theories about the show?
I don't read them, but I get morning updates from my wife. Audiences are a lot smarter than studios give them credit for. They don't want clich�s shoved down their throats.

Lostwas your big break. Did you ever think you'd make it in this business?
When I first started, I thought, I'm gonna be a big star. Then eight years later, I was skeptical. [Laughs.] I was going to move to the country, pursue real estate and be a forest ranger. My real estate license came in the mail three days before I booked Lost. I thought, Wow, I'll file that.