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Episode 4x09 - Sawyer's Heroics

Last night's episode of LOST was amazing all around and definitely filled with several great moments!! So many great moments that one of the more dramatic moments during the episode could lost among all the other scenes.

Of course Sawyer fangirls will never let that happen because not only was it a Ben Centric episode, but also one of Sawyer's shining moments as a hero. Yes, to some it might be stupid for him to try to save Claire and perhaps it also might not seem to fit his character. However, Sawyer's character from hated bad guy to lovable leader has been great. His care for both Claire and Hurley have shown how much his character has developed and it seems like he might be ready to become the leader of the Losties with the Oceanic 6 off the island.

Will we now have Team Sawyer v. Team Locke...!?

Well that we will have to wait and see, but in the mean time voice your opinions about Sawyer's heroics in this poll: