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Episode 4x11 - Official ABC Promo Pics

Hey Losties,
ABC released the official promotional pictures for LOST Season 4 Episode 11. Once again they are great shots of the cast, but many of you feel they are spoilers, so we posted them in them over in the spoilers section of the site.

So if you like the image of Kate (Evangeline Lilly) here and want to see some more click on the following link, but just make sure you are ok with knowing the episode title and whose episode it is:

Episode 4x11 - Official Promotional Pictures

Also, earlier this week we posted the official press release with the complete guest list which definitely contains several spoilers...!! However, I can tell you the guest list for this episode is the most interesting guest list for ANY previous LOST episode to date.

So if you do not mind reading some episode details and the guest list you can check out the press release here:

Episode 4x11 - Official ABC Press Release