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ODI LOSTcast 10 - Season 4 Recap, Q&A, and 4x09 Preview

Hey Losties,
I know we promised to bring you a couple of podcasts during the hiatus, but we decided to take the little break to fix things up just a bit and come back bigger and better!!

First, off the ODI LOSTcast is now live on iTunes and you should be able to find it in their search data base in the next 1-2 days...!!

Click Here to View ODI LOSTcast on iTunes

Next, in order to do that we needed to get a proper podcast host and we are now hosting the podcasts via Hipcast and there is an official podcast "feed" you can now subscribe to!!

So as soon as we upload the clip, whether you subscribe via iTunes or the link below you will be able to download the podcasts immediately. Of course we will still post it via a blog with a player for those that prefer to just listen to it online.

Additionally, The Spoiler Hunter my podcast partner edits the podcast and he is starting to add some musical and other sound elements to the podcast so we hope you enjoy them!! If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Just Click on the Following Icon to Subscribe to the ODI LOSTcast:

Now since we did not get a chance to do a podcast during the hiatus we are coming back with an extended and special version of the podcast. We provide you with a little schedule update because of the extra hour added to season 4, we have a quick recap of the first eight episodes of season 4, answer some of your questions and we also have an exclusive Q&A with DarkUFO. Plus, for all of you spoiler lovers we have an extended spoilers section and Dark spills the beans just a bit.

Our initial plan was to have our good friend DarkUFO join us for the podcast, but due to some technical difficulties, Dark was kind enough to send us answers to the questions we sent him.

So make sure you subscribe and check out the new audio player below. We have separated the podcast into two parts for all of you spoiler haters.

Enjoy and namaste.

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ODI LOSTcast 10 - Part 1: Season 4 Recap and Q&A Session

ODI LOSTcast 10 - Part 2: Preview of Episode 4x09 and Spoilers

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ODI LOSTcast 10 - Part 1

ODI LOSTcast 10 - Part 2