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Episode 4X09 Review - Games Without Frontiers

(I apologize for the delay, but when I landed in the Sahara last time I hurt my back making things a bit slow to progress...)

Games Without Frontiers

Intro: If Looks Could Kill, They Probably Will

“The Shape of Things to Come” served up one of the most exciting and shocking episodes of LOST audiences have ever had to digest. It was also one of the darkest overall in its themes. This installment focused on Benjamin Linus, philanthropist, assumed leader of the Others and speaker of all things Jacob. However, this time the show revealed to us some sides of his personality we have yet to see, specifically pure fear, pure grief, and well, pure badass.

As mentioned in my last article on episode 8, “Ben can sometimes be the ultimate game-master in the way he manipulates those around him like a chess player with an almost perfect precision.” I was thrilled to see this episode continue with the idea of The Game, as I also stated, “…there are constant references to games…there seems to be a deeper meaning to the idea of play within the world of LOST that is only beginning to really unfold.”

Indeed, we have now learned there seems to be some set of rules that must be followed, and that can also be broken. Let’s review some of the game play our characters have gotten themselves into…

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