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Episode 4x11 Cabin Fever - Sand, Ash or it does it even matter!?

Hey All,
One of the key moments during this past week's episode of LOST Season 4 Episode 11 Cabin Fever, was the test given to Young Locke via Richard Alpert.

Locke was tested like young Tibetans are tested to see if they are the next Dalai Lama. Part of this test was, Richard placing 6 items in front of Locke and asking him which ones belonged to him. Locke selected the compass and of course we know the knife which caused the test to end, but also the vial with what looked like sand.

Not sure if there is much significance to this item besides it being a possible easter egg reference to either the beach sand of the island OR the ash surrounding Jacob's Cabin. However, I have seen on several forums this little vial and its contents debated like who is in the coffin!?

Well here is a nice Hi-Res screencap and a poll to tell us what you think!?