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Season 5 Prediction Poll: Who will Sawyer Begin a new Romance with!?

Hey Losties,

Soooo as you all know this is the finale week for Season 4 of LOST!! Yes I know it is a sad reminder and I know many of you are worried about the loooonnng hiatus once again, but do worry I am here again this time to help you all get through the break...!!

Yes, most of you here on the front page probably do not like spoilers and some times that is all we get during a hiatus, but if you were a reader of my blog on MySpace, then you know we still posted through out the hiatus and plan to do it again. Plus, spoilers will be hard to come by until later in the year when production starts up again.

Last year, we had contests and games and plenty of fun and news for all of the Losties, so stay tuned....because this year, with the web site and a great friendship with DarkUFO we will have several things planned for you all!!

One of the things I plan to do is have several Season 5 Prediction Polls. These will be polls aimed at what the top potential story arcs for Season 5 might be like.

For example, here is one poll that focuses on what might happen in Season 5 of LOST. As we know Kate is a part of the Oceanic 6 and it seems like they might be stuck off the island for some time. Which means all of you Sawyer fans out there must be wondering who he might begin a little romance with!? So please vote and post a comment below.

If you have any suggestions for polls please let me know.

Of course when other hiatus plans are available I will let you all know!!