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LOST Fantasy League: Season 5 Sign-Up and Details

Hey All,
That's right it is that time!! If you do not know yet or have not signed-up yet, the sign-ups for the LOST Fantasy League (LFL) for Season 5 is now open!! After the success of the Season 4 league, our good friends DarkUFO and G-Man will be running the LFL again this season and it will be bigger and better!!

What is the LFL!? Well if you watch sports, then you know what a fantasy leagues is, if not, well basically it is a competition where you pick particular characters from specific categories and based on what happens throughout the season you will gain or lose points.

So if you picked Jack and he is scene in a FF/FB, kisses someone, visits a Dharma hatch, kills someone OR dies he would gain or lose points accordingly. There are several different point categories and character categories to choose from. Every week your team will get points and the teams with the highest point totals will win!!

What do you get if you win!? The Season 5 DVD Set!!

So check out the charts below for the various character groups and point categories. This season you have to pick a team of 8 characters ONE FROM EACH GROUP to form your team.

Also if you played last year then you know how fun this can be. However, there is one other MAJOR change that will make this season even better. This year Dark has decided to add "Mini-Leagues" so you can compare your points to your friends playing. So if you want compare your points to other readers/friends of The ODI, then when you pick your team make sure you select "The ODI". I will also be giving out prizes for the Top 3 teams in The ODI LFL!! So you will get two chances at a prize if you select The ODI league.

Here are the rules and PLEASE use the link below for submitting your team:

NOTE: Sign-Ups will remain open until MAJOR spoilers begin to hit the net. Last season the sign-ups ended abruptly because of spoilers, so do not wait and miss out this year.

1) Please complete the submission form using the link below.
2) Please only submit entry 1 per person.
3) We have a new field to enter this year which allows you to select the site that you would like your results to appear in. EG If you are a Lostpedia user and want to keep track of your place with other Lostpedia users make sure you select Lostpedia from the Select Site option. NOTE: Everyone is still included in the full table but this allows other sites to easily track their own tables etc. Owners of these sites should be providing details of the league in the appropriate forums/blogs/sites.
4) You must use a valid email address.
5) This email address will NOT be displayed or sold to any third party marketing companies and will ONLY be used to contact you if you are a prize winner and to send you a confirmation of your picks.
6) Only fill out the Celebrity Code field if you have already been contacted by DarkUFO.
7) Make sure you enter your team Name so that it is unique to you. The team name is the name you will use to find your team in the full table- eg Don't call your team LOST or Sawyer or Jack etc Make it unique like Andy's Greatest Fantasy Team :) (but please, nothing obscene or tasteless)
8) After you have submitted your team you should receive an email confirming your picks. Please check your Spam/Junk Folder if you don't receive one within an hour.
9) If you are a member of one of the sites listed, make sure that other site members know about the Fantasy League so that you can compete against your friends.
10) If you are the owner of one of the sites listed and have not received your CELEB code please email me.

Please remember to write down your selections! Season 5 is a long way off and it's easy to forget who's on your team. Then all you need to do is find a way to survive the 8-month Hiatus. There's plenty going on all across the Lost-o-sphere, including here at DarkUFO.

Once Season 5 starts, all you have to do is enjoy Lost. We do all the work of keeping score and tabulating the results for you. Be sure to check back after each episode to see how your team did. G-Man will post Fantasy Updates that will include detailed character points, important points rulings and our Top Celebs and Overall leader boards. At the end of Season 5, the winners will be announced and they will take home some fabulous prizes!

Click HERE to Submit Your Team

(Click to Enlarge Charts)