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Naveen Andrews Rocks Out on Season 4 Finale Night

**UPDATED** Added 4 additional images. Thanks to LOST-Chile

Well as the a season finale or premiere approaches one of the biggest questions we ask one another is what do you have planned to watch the the episode. It is also quite a common question that the LOST stars are asked frequently during interviews.

Well on the Season 4 finale night, Naveen Andrews was busy rocking away on a guitar at a Hollywood Club called The Roxy.

Thanks to John for the heads up.

Click Here for the video clip of Andrews on the guitar

Here are the details:

How did Lost's Naveen Andrews (pictured) spend his show's season finale night? On stage with Mark McGrath, Dave Navarro, and a host of rock luminaries for the final bow of Camp Freddy Mayhem -- the all-star cover band's month-long residency at Los Angeles' famed Sunset Strip club The Roxy. In its original form, the group includes frontman actor-musician Donovan Leitch, Jane's Addiction's Navarro and Chris Chaney, The Cult's Billy Morrison, and Velvet Revolver's Matt Sorum. Last night, for a cover of the Sex Pistols' "E.M.I.," Andrews (introduced as a member of the Oceanic 6) joined the group on guitar while Sugar Ray singer (and Extra host, lest we forget) McGrath handled the microphone.

But while it was one song and out for Andrews, other guest stars lingered longer, like Juliette Lewis who commanded the stage and channeled singer Exene Cervenka with a song by '80s punk band X, and guitarist Jerry Cantrell, who brought back that warm, fuzzy, early-'90s flannel feeling with "Man in the Box," a classic from his band, Alice in Chains. But the most anticipated (and not the least bit disappointing) moment of the night was the show's closer, Billy Idol. Looking fit in a tight, black T-shirt and sporting a shorter version of the David Cook ’do, he joined The Doors guitarist Robbie Krieger for a well-received spin of "L.A. Woman," then launched into his own hits, "Dancing with Myself" and "Rebel Yell," to deafening cheers. All told, he spent a total of 20 minutes at the club, arriving just in time to hit the stage and leaving under cover of a leather jacket immediately after — like a true rock Idol should.

Source: EW