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ODI LOSTcast 18 Part 2 - Comic Con Recap

Hey All,
Happy Monday!!

So another week has passed and we are inching ever sooo closely to Season 5 of LOST!!

Hope you are all doing well!?

Just to update you on a few things before you listen to this podcast, production of Season 5 has begun and over the weekend there was open casting call for anyone in Hawaii. Sooo yes if you were a fan and in Hawaii you had a chance to be on the show!!

Now before you jump on me and ask why I am posting this after the casting call, I am not! I posted a blog last Friday about it and a fan that actually read the post got ready and went to the casting call with her sister and I believe they got a small part. Hopefully we will be able to post the pictures soon.

For the rest, of you that are kicking themselves for not knowing about this, see that is why you have to visit the sites EVERYDAY so you do not miss out on the latest news!!

The only other cool tidbit from today is that Jorge Garcia won an ALMA award for Best Supporting Actor for LOST.

Oh yeah, just a little heads up, I did do another interview with both Mister Payne on his podcast AND on the Shanon Burke Radio show last week and we should hopefully have that audio up soon as well.

Click Here to See the Pics of Jorge Garcia at the ALMAs

Ok so I know if you are reading this you are here for the new podcast, so I would love to thank all you who listened to part one of this podcast and sent us back the great feedback!!

Once again thanks to my podcast partner Ron The Spoiler Hunter for editing this and our good friend Karen from MySpace who sat in on this chat.

Those of you that missed part 1 of this podcast here is the link:

ODI LOSTcast 18 Part 1

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Hope you enjoy part 2 of this Comic Con recap and at the end we provide you with some updates about some of the projects we are working on for the site.

ODI LOST Podcast 18 Part 2 - Comic Con Recap

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