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ODI LOSTcast 20 Part 2 - DarkUFO Joins the Podcast

Hey Losties,
How are you all today!?

As most of you should know by now Karen and I will have a chance to interview LOST Star Rebecca Mader later today for the next podcast.

So if you have not sent in a question yet please do so by sending in an email to: mrtheodi@gmail.com

In the meantime below is Part 2 of the most recent podcast that we recorded and in this segment our good friend and fellow LOST blogger DarkUFO (Andy) joins the discussion with us.

We talk a little about Andy the person, the ARG, LOST in general and then we discuss the most recent spoilers from the last couple of weeks.

NOTE: The spoilers discussion starts at the 30 minute mark, but actual spoilers start at about the 40 min mark.

You can find the audio for part 1 on iTunes or right here on the site at this link:

ODI LOSTcast Part 1

ODI LOSTcast 20 Part 2 - DarkUFO Joins the Podcast

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