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LOST Premiere Night to be 3 Hours Long!!

Hey Losties,
I know we have posted a couple of reports about when the LOST Season 5 Premiere was returning.

Well we finlly got a confirmation from ABC today that it is indeed Wednesday January 21st at 8PM!!

However, there is more...!! LOST will be on for 3 hours that night!!

Yup we will get the special recap show at 8PM, followed by the first two episodes of Season 5. So we get a two hour premiere!!

I am assuming the regular time slot will then be 9PM, but as soon as that is confirmed we will let you all know.

Sorry for any confusion, but here is the breakdown:

Jan 21st:
8PM - Special Recap
9PM - Episode 5x01
10PM - Episode 5x02

Special thanks to DarkUFO and DocArzt for the clarifications.