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LOST Likely to Return January 29th at 10PM!!

**UPDATED** 11/7 11:30AM PST LOST Returns Actually on January 21st on Wed Nights at 8PM!! Here is the link:

LOST Returns Jan 21st

Hey Losties,
I know this is still a few months away, but our good friend DarkUFO is reporting LOST will return on Thursday nights at 10PM starting on January 29th. That night also expect a special 1 hour recap show to air at 9PM.

So what do you all think!? LOST will once again benefit from the Grey's Anatomy lead-in and I know many of you were hoping a move back to 9PM. So are you ok with the same time slot from Season 4??

This is NOT official from ABC yet, but if nothing changes I think this is a good time slot for the show.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out the new short Season 5 Promo:

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