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New LOST and The Fray Music Video

Hey All,
Good morning!

Yup, the new sweet A$$ LOST Season 5 Promo/The Fray music video aired last night during Grey's Anatomy.

Don't worry if you missed it, we have the FULL version of the promo along with several screencaps!! As always, please keep in mind, most of ABC's LOST promotions contain some minor spoilers now, especially when analyzing the screencaps.

So if you do not mind the promos, then you get to watch a very cool promo with several new scenes and even an embedded hidden image which could be a continuation of the DWY ARG OR a new one all together.

It is for an airline company called Ajira Airways.

Well you can check out all the details at the following link:

LOST Season 5/The Fray Music Video and Promo with Screencaps

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