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New Season 5 Promo Video - First Thoughts

**SPOILERS BELOW** For those that have not viewed the promo.

Tiger burning in the sun
Baby, I'm the only one
I'm not who they want me to be
Come and take this spell off of me

- The Cult, Tiger in the Sun

With the latest release of the highly-anticipated LOST season five promotional video, the finale of this summer's Octagon Global Recruiting ARG, and the newest website tie-in, Ajira Airways, LOSTies everywhere are starting to flock back to the island again. I do not typically watch promos during the season in-between episodes, but right now, I will gladly absorb every second of every tidbit and teaser tossed my way. Less than 60 days from now marks the premiere of the new season. Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have finally broken their annual hiatus "radio silence" time. And this week I just watched an episode of FRINGE that flashed us an Oceanic Airlines ticket.