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New DSA Email with Videos and Sneak Peek!

Hey All,
As most of you should know by now the new Dharma (DSA) Emails were sent out with a passowrd of "Qilak". As my very good friend Karen informed me, Qilak means "Cloud" in the Kodiak Eskimo language and you can find more details here:

Qilak in Kodiak Means Cloud

After entering the password you are given access to 3 videos, a Sneak Peek for the Season 5 premiere (posted in the Spoilers Section), a small interview of Rebecca Mader (yes it is an old clip), and a behind the scenes look at Eggtown from the Season 4 DVD set.

The email it self provides us with a little update on the Season 5 production confirming that they are filming Episode 5x09 now, prepping for Episode 5x10 and currently writing Episode 5x11. With 17 total episodes, they are a half way there and it looks like they are really making a push to complete as many as possible with the potential actors strike.

They also confirmed that they are working on post production on Episodes 5x05/06/07/08 and revealed a MINOR spoiler that episode 5x05 has some nice sound effects. I am assuming perhaps the whispers return or we will get some reversed audio!

Well here are some screencaps and the videos for you all to enjoy!!

Thanks to DarkUFO for the clips.


NOTE: For those that want to view the Video and Screencaps of the sneak peek, use the following link:

Episode 5x01 - Sneak Peek with Screencaps

Interview with Rebecca Mader

Lost Season 4 DVD - Behind the Scenes with Evangeline Lilly

(Click to Enlarge)