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Safe, Sound and Back!!

Hey All,
I would like to say thank you to all of you that sent messages about the fires here in LA. Next, thanks to ALL of the brave firefighters, officers and anyone else that helped in attempting to control and stop the fire.

Yes, I did have to evacuate after thinking that we would not have to. At about 10:30PM Friday night I noticed a huge plume of smoke while walking my dog. Imagine the black smoke plume from LOST.

My initial reaction was WTF not again, this is the same area that had to evacuate 2-3 weeks ago. However, this time it seemed much closer. After going upstairs I realized how close, as I could see the flames from our windows!! After realizing the hire line was still several miles away we relaxed and about an hour later the sirens began and the mandatory evacuation was put into place.

My roommate and I knew that the fire was still quite far with our unique view. None of the other town homes in our neighborhood had this view. Most left in quite a panic and hurry, but since both of us have evacuated before in previous fires we knew what to do. We packed one bag each and my buddy grabbed his important insurance and house documents. We packed our cars around 12:30AM and began monitoring via our window and the TV. Of course the power would shut off and then come back. The next 3 hours we both kept guard and finally the fire seemed like it had reached the top of the mountain chain ridge we live next to. We watched and video taped some of the flames (I will upload the footage later). I would say within 15 minutes or so we knew we had to flee as the smoke was VERY thick and embers were flying close by.

We ran to our vehicles, and as we pulled out of the community, the flames were on the hill across the street from us!! It was wild! The wind was ferocious and the flames were flapping away!!

We were lucky, but did not realize HOW lucky until we returned home to see that the fire burned right by our backyard and even got to our front door!! Where our doormat was burnt!

Well that is the reason why you have not seen many posts on this site in the last 72 hours, but I am back and new posts will follow soon!!

Thanks for stopping by!

- The ODI