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New Dharma Video is an Old Clip with New Reveals

Hey All,
The latest Dharma Special Access video with LOST producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse reveals an old funny clip of Future Damon and Carlton that was shown at Comic Con and can be found on the new Season 4 DVD set.

Nothing spoilery in the clip, BUT at the very end of the clip there are two quick flashes, which reveal our first look at two new characters.

Of course if you read the new email then you already have read their names, but I will not post them here or the screencaps. However, for those that do not mind spoilers we have posted screencaps of the new character in the spoilers section via the following link:

Screencaps of New Season 5 Characters

Also, yes, this week's password is an anagram which I am sure most of you all can figure out...! :)

Here is a screencap of the email and the video, but like I said if you do NOT like spoilers do not read the email or watch the end of the clip.


DSA Email 5 Password: yksnizdar

(Click to Enlarge)

NOTE: Minor Spoilers Quickly Flashed at End of Clip