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ODI LOSTcast 23 Part 1 - Holiday Extended Edition

Hey All,
How is it going!? Can you believe we are now LESS than one month away from the LOST Season 5 Premiere!!

Of course this week is Christmas and I hope all of you have are having a great holiday season.

Since our last podcast was posted several pieces of LOST news and spoilers have been revealed. So Karen and I decided to record a special Holiday Extended version of the podcast, just for all of you out there as our gift to you all.

The podcast is in two parts, with Part 1 covering all the spoiler-free LOST news, from the end of the Dharma Wants You ARG to all of the recent promos and promotional images that have been revealed. Of course, for some even the promos could be spoilers, but we even warn then just in case.

Part 1 was posted on iTunes a few days ago, so some of you might have already listened to it, for those that missed or can not use iTunes, below is the audio in a player along with a download link.

Part 2 (which will be available in a few days) includes an interview with a special guest and also includes a summary of all of the recent spoilers. The interview actually reveals some new minor spoilers, but we will post more details once that audio is available.

In the meantime, here is Part 1 and keep your eyes and ears open for Part 2 to follow soon.

Also if you have any comments or feedback, please let us know here or at iTunes and we will do our best to enhance the experience for you all.

Thanks for listening and we hope you all enjoy!!

NOTE: We do discuss the promos and episode titles, but also warn before we do, so those that do not like spoilers feel free to listen.

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