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ODI LOSTcast 23 Part 2 - Holiday Extended Edition

Hey All,
I hope everyone's Christmas and New Year holidays are going well!? The New Year is right around the corner and today we have Part 2 of our special extended ODI LOST Podcast that was posted to iTunes yesterday.

The first part covered much of all the breaking LOST news, but this new part is even better especially if you are a fan of spoilers. Now I do not want to scare off the fans that are avoiding spoilers, because the first section of this podcast is an interview with a LOST fan named Jon Barrand that got on the show as an extra!!

Jon is a wonderful guy and it is a fun little interview.

We wanted to give you all out there an opportunity to feel and understand what it would be like for any one of us to try and do what Jon accomplished. So we talk to him about his whole experience of moving to Hawaii, of trying to get on the show, living in Hawaii, who he has met and how it felt to actually get THE call to appear. We do discuss the process and the scenes he was involved with, but give you plenty or warning about spoilers.

Jon provided us with some set photos for the filming and we have those posted in the spoilers section via this link:

Set Photos and Spoilers Summary

Learn more about Jon at his MySpace Page

After the interview, we have our spoilers summary section, which covers all of the spoilers that have been revealed over the last month including the sneak peeks.

So we hope all of you spoiler lovers out there enjoy it!!

NOTE: I know several of you had mentioned that the audio levels between Karen and I are much different and we really appreciate all the feedback. I have been working on some of the levels, but unfortunately since this podcast was pre-recorded there was not much we could do to fix it. So I apologize in advance for any issues and like I said I am working on it, but it is hard when the output on my end sounds normal. However, hopefully by the next podcast it will be all fixed.

ODI LOSTcast 23 Part 2 - Holiday Extended Edition

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