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Episode 5x01/02 - Delivers a OMG WTF Sandwich!!

Episode 5x01/02 Because You Left/The Lie - Delivers a OMG WTF Sandwich!!

Yup that is exactly right even after ALL the spoilers and knowing both the opening scene of the first hour and the final scene of the second hour the two hour LOST Season 5 Premiere delivers an amazing Hero-Sized OMG WTF Sandwich!!

Yes I knew even what was going to be in the sandwich and the episode lived up to the hype, the expectations and I can barely remember the 8 month hiatus anymore.

Right from the opening tip-off we have a Desmond-esqu Season 2 premiere scene and yes there is a record player, which gets "stuck" and is a shape of things to come. Of course the reveals that we are in Othersville, that the individual we are following is Pierre Chang aka Dr. Candle, that Candle is filming the yet to be seen Arrow Hatch Orientation video, that he eventually heads to the Orchid because of some problem, that we see an X-Ray of the Frozen Donkey Wheel, are all worthy of a great reveal and WTF moment on their own, but who cares because it is the appearance of the Time Traveling Daniel Faraday that steals the scene!!

Well done Damon and Carlton!!

Meat of the Sandwich:
The episode speeds along skipping in time showing us snippets of the beachies, the O Sixers, and Locke flashing through time having several interesting encounters Ethan (and gets shot once again WTF), Richard (who says he has to die) and of course the Virgin Mary (ok ok I know it was just the statue but it still counts as an encounter). More about Locke later.

There are several great scenes almost too many to mention including the flaming arrows and the chemistry between Ben and Jack is great. The first hour ends on a very interesting scene with Daniel meeting with Desmond in the PAST at the Swan Hatch, but tries to convince Desmond to meet his (Daniel's) mom in the FUTURE!! Huh WTF!? Holy Time Travels Batman!! Who is Faraday's mom!? Also are these the moments that will lose LOST's casual viewers or solidify a sci-fi/mythology loving fan base??

BTW Frogurt!? WTF!? Pointless, yes I know he was in the mobisodes!! LOL

We are then taken into the second episode titled The Lie a really funny Hurley centric episode!! Once again Hurley sees a dead person, this time Ana Lucia who delivers on of the best lines of the night: "Libby Says Hi".

Jorge Garcia was once again great and scenes are always fun to watch. Sayid and Hurley head to the safe house where they are confronted and Sayid is bad ass again, but gets nailed by perhaps Dharma-esque tranquilizer dart. Hurley takes Sayid to his parents and his dad eventually gets Jack involved to save Sayid's live. I actually think Sayid might have been mind-traveling at the moment Jack revives him (think back to when Desmond Mind-Traveled on the freighter).

Of course the episode ends with a nice 1-2 punch when Locke shows up to save the day (well Sawyer and Juliet) for that moment at least, by tossing a knife into someones back once again. Who is THIS set of army men!?

However, the reveal of the formula writing, pendulum watching hooded Obi-Wan Kenobi as Hawking was absolutely an amazing way to end the night!! WTF Ben!? I love his character more and more with each and every passing moment!!

This week's final thought:
Can't wait for NEXT week!!

For those of you that were online last night know, that we had live chat with ALMOST live screencaps being posted!!

Here are some of the key screencaps for you all and you can find more by using the following link:

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