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LOST Likely Winner in Wed Night Ratings Battle

The Hollywood Reporter has a very extensive detail of the upcoming ratings "battles" for the second half of the TV Season.

With LOST moving back to Wednesday nights at 9 PM they will be facing old foe Criminal Minds on CBS and new show with Tim Roth Lie to Me on FOX.

While other shows have lost ratings this season, the CBS crime shows seems to be holding up well and Lie to Me has gotten some good reviews.

However, the anticipation for Season 5 of LOST seems to be at a all time high more so than ever before.

THR is predicting that LOST will be the likely winner and here is their analysis:

Battleground: Wednesdays at 9 p.m.: ABC's "Lost" vs. Fox's "Lie to Me" vs. CBS' "Criminal Minds"

This is a three-way Mexican standoff. Fox's keystone new show against CBS' usual time-period winner -- both crime procedurals -- and then there's ABC's strongly rated "Lost" returning after airing on Thursdays during the writers strike last year. "Lie" has the "Idol" lead-in and boasts a fairly solid pilot, plus the dramas that best maintained an "Idol" lead-in have been the somewhat similar "Bones" and "House." ABC hasn't yet scheduled a lead-in for "Lost," but the show is considered a self-starter.

Likely winner: As a serialized show, "Lost" will drop at least 10%, yet will probably win in the demo. "Lie" could surprise thanks to "Idol." Either way, "Minds" remains a good bet to dominate total viewers. Also, Fox holds a trump card here: The network could swap "Lie" and 8 p.m.'s "American Idol" at any time to protect their new show.

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