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ODI LOSTcast 24 - S4 Favorite and Shocking Moments

Hey All,
WOW!! Can you believe it!! One friggen week left for the Season 5 Premiere!!

See I told you all we would help you guys get through the hiatus!! I know it has been tough for all of us, but hey at least we now get 3 months of our favorite show.

In this podcast, Karen and I decided to talk about our favorite and most shocking WTF moments of Season 4. To do this I asked Karen to make a list of Top 5 of each and of course it was hard. She was able to do it, but I couldn't!! Although I did provide you with my thoughts as always.

At the end of the day, this is ended up being a nice little quick Season 4 recap to get you all ready for next week!!

The podcast was posted on iTunes yesterday, so for those that can not access iTunes or missed it. Here is the audio in a player and a download link:

NOTE: We tried to adjust some audio levels so hopefully it sounds a bit better on your ends.

ODI LOST Podcast 24 - Season 4 Favorite and Most Shocking Moments

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