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Dharma Logo Found in Ravenhearst Video Game

Hey All,
LOST has become a pop-culture phenomenon and from time to time we get an email from a reader who has seen a reference to LOST in a TV show, movie or video game.

Well today we received an email from our good friend Debbie who happened to be playing the video game Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst with her kids and boom, she noticed a Dharma Logo! No specific logo is used, but there is a "S" like symbol that I believe is to reference the Swan Logo.

If you have played this game and seen any other references or references to LOST any where else, then please let us know.

Here Debbie's email along with a screencap she took:

MCF: Ravenhearst on Wiki

This may be old news, but the kids and I were playing the PC game Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst the other day and when we came to the "Surveilance Room" on the game, I spotted a Dharma logo in the top left corner. I sent a screen shot for you, in case you haven't seen it before.

(Click to Enlarge)