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Episode 5x05 - Hieroglyphics Translation

Hey All,
Once again we saw some more ancient hieroglyphics in LOST, but this time in Episode 5x05 This Place is Death they appear on the outer wall of the Temple.

Jin sees the glyphs shortly after he flashes right after Smokey attacks Rousseau's team.

Below is a screencap of some possible translations using a Glyph Chart and some effort by reader Another Other.

NOTE: These are not confirmed, but the reader's interpretations of the Glyphs.

Glyph Chart Available Here:


From Our Recapper Anna: Thing is, I'm not sure totally if it is phonetic or logogramatic...if I were to go with the latter, there’s a couple of symbols for "time" there...something perhaps about "knowledge of 3 sons"..."water"...something about a vessel...

From Another Other: I am by NO means a glyph expert, but I thought it would be fun to give it a shot. I have my own heiroglyphic translator book that I used along with your website. This is what I came up with:

Image By: Another Other

(Click to Enlarge)