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ODI LOSTcast 28 - Epi 5x03 Recap and Epi 5x04 Preview

Hey All,
So has the reveal of "Jones" as Young Widmore set in yet!? What about the fact that Desmond and Penny have a baby named Charlie!? Of course there is still Future Locke convincing Richard Alpert he is his leader by sending him to witness his own birth!? Oh and there is still Faraday's time traveling knowledge and his connection to Widmore!?

Yes all of these reveals and more provided us with answers but also led to several more questions once again. In this podcast Karen and I provide you with our thoughts and raise some questions about this great episode Jughead.

As always, at the end of the podcast we preview next week's Episode 5x04 and update you with recent spoilers.

The podcast was posted to iTunes last night, but incast you can not access it there you can use the audio player or download link below.

Hope you all enjoy!!

NOTE: The spoilers and preview begin at the 66 minute mark

ODI LOST Podcast 28 - Episode 5x03 Jughead Recap and Episode 5x04 Preview

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