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Episode 5x08 - Promos, Sneaks, Chat and More!!

Hey All,
Happy LOST Day!! As always we will be planning to have live episode chat tonight when LOST Episode 5x08 airs!!

Of course the peak time is usually during the EST airing so if you want to chat at that time beware of spoilers. Also if you are NOT in the EST, we will provide live streaming links for anyone who wants to watch LOST live as well.

Also as a bonus, we have now added the DarkUFO IRC Chat Client to the page, so you will have two windows to chat in and that many more Losties across the world!!

So stop by and join the 100s of fans in the chat rooms! :)

In the meantime if you missed any of the promo pics, promos and sneak peeks, well here are a bunch of links for you to enjoy!!

Thanks for stopping by.

NOTE: Potential Spoilers at Links

Official Press Release | Promotional Pictures | ABC Promo | Canadian Promo | Two Sneak Peeks