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ODI LOSTcast 32 - Epi 5x07 Recap and Epi 5x08 Preview

Hey All,
I know this is a day later than expected, but just got caught up with work and actually editing took a little longer than expected.

Why did the editing take a little longer!? Well this week is an extended podcast with special guest LOST Recapper/Blogger Anna joining Karen and I to talk about Episode 5x07 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham. Anna is a huge Locke fan and we figured that for all of you out there that like her recaps that it would be a nice treat.

We had a great time with Anna and all three of us provided you with our thoughts and theories of the episode. We had quite a bit to discuss with Sith Lord Locke's mission and yes we even tackled some of the potential continuity errors that seemed to be a big topic of debate this week on many forums.

As always, at the end of the podcast we provide you with a little preview for this week's Episode 5x08 and some spoilers for the rest of Season 5.

The podcast is available on iTunes, but for those that can not access it there, please use the audio player or download link below.

Don't forget you can read Anna's recap here weekly, on DarkUFO or her own site FourToedFoot.com

Hope you all enjoy!!

NOTE: The spoilers begin at the 86 Minute mark this week.

ODI LOSTcast 32 - Epi 5x07 Recap and Epi 5x08 Preview

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