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Geronimo Jackson Releases Song on iTunes!!

**UPDATED** New Non-US Download Added Below

Hey All,
Here is something I would consider very cool!

Geronimo Jackson has released a song on iTunes called "Dharma Lady"!! Now I know some of you are saying WTF is Geronimo Jackson and well the rest of us Lost fans won't flame you too hard for not knowing, but Geronimo Jackson is the name of a band that has been featured on LOST for several seasons now.

Usually the references have been in the form of "Easter Eggs" and depending on who you want to believe they are a "real" band from the 70s.

Well today a free download appeared for the song and according to Lostpedia's GJ page, the song is by "The Donkeys" a San Diego, CA based band. Plus, apparently this is the mysterious song that was playing on Jin's Dharma VW in Episode 5x06 316.

Well thanks to our good friends and fans over at DarkUFO, here is the audio, link to iTunes and the transcript!!

Oh I belieeevee!! Dharma Laaadddy!!


US Download Here: Dharma Lady@iTunes

Non-US Download: Dharma Lady

Audio Copyright: ABC/iTunes

Dharma Lady
How ya been?
Are we lovers
Or we just friends?
I believe. Oh I believe
I will love again.

Yeah your kisses
It feels so right
But you had another man holed up last night
Oh I believe. Yeah I believe
I will love again

I can always tell
when you've been drinking
But I never know
Just what you're thinking
Oh I believe. Oh I believe
I will love again

You say one thing once
And two things twice
I'm so confused
I can't take my own advice
Oh I believe. Oh I believe
I will love again
Oh I believe. Oh I believe
I will love again