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Season 5 Schedule and Two Hour Finale Confirmed!!

Hey All,
ABC has finally released the schedule for the rest of Season 5 and confirmed that the season finale will be two-hours long. Plus, as we reported there will be another one-week break but it will not before finale and occur between Episodes 5x13 and 5x14 on April 22nd.

So set your calendar and if anything changes we will keep you all informed.

Season 5 Episode Schedule:
March 18 - Episode 5x09
March 25 - Episode 5x10
April 1 - Episode 5x11
April 8 - Episode 5x12
April 15 - Episode 5x13
April 22 - Clip Show - Working Title
April 29 - Episode 5x14
May 6 - Episode 5x15
May 13 (9:00 PM-11:00 PM) - Episode 5x16/17 (Two-Hour Season Finale)

NOTE: If you are interested in the titles for each episode you can find them in the spoilers section here: Season 5 Schedule with Episode Title