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Submit Questions for Eric Lange (Radzinsky)

Hey All,
This Thursday Eric Lange the actor who plays the infamous Radzinsky will be joining Karen and I on the ODI LOST Podcast!!

We will chat with him about his career and his new role playing such a mysterious character on LOST. If you have any questions about last week's episode or perhaps what happened in this week's episode, feel free to submit a question.

Of course he will not be able to reveal anything too spoilery, but I am sure he will provide us with his thoughts and theories.

Here is Eric Lange's IMDB Page

Please email questions to mrtheodi@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

NOTE: I am sure many fans will have questions so please do your best to limit your questions to 1-2 per person. Also if you a have a spoiler related question, please email them so you do not spoil other fans.

Thanks for stopping by!