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Official Statement from Rebecca Mader About Age Issue

Hey All,
By now some of you have seen perhaps Rebecca Mader's Facebook update and perhaps even EW's article about Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse replying to her updates.

Here is the breakdown of what we know:

Well after Episode 5x08 LaFleur aired many fans jumped up and screamed how is it possible for Charlotte who was born in 1979 to be a Young Girl in 1977? Of course I guess with wacky time traveling and the lying on the show it could be explained, but the LOST writers during their weekly podcast, claimed that during filming and on set that actress Rebecca Mader made the change because the original date is 1970 in the script. They claimed she did not want to be playing a character that old.

Of course immediately many fans sent messages to Mader and we contacted her ourselves to see what was up?? She issued an official statement and was not too happy about Darlton claiming she changed the birthdate.

Here is what she sent us:

I just wanted to say that I NEVER changed my characters age on the set of LOST as Damon and Carlton accused me of on the most recent LOST Podcast. Charlotte Lewis was ALWAYS meant to be 28 and born in 1979. It was written in the script EP# 402 of which I have a copy and I can prove this. They made a mistake. They are making it my fault. NOT COOL.

Well she also voiced this opinion on her Facebook page where EW picked up the story and contacted Darlton who have now issued a joint apology to Mader and for screwing up.

Here is their apology via EW:

"Rebecca is absolutely right and we apologize to both her and the entire fan community for screwing up the story," the pair said in a joint email. "By way of explanation, here's what happened:

There were a gazillion questions about the timeline discrepancy in that young Charlotte clearly exists in 1974, but wasn't supposed to be born until 1979, per a single line of dialogue courtesy of Ben back in episode #402. When we inquired as to how this happened, the intel came back that we used Rebecca Mader's birthday, July 2, 1979 because she was actually eight years YOUNGER than the character as originally conceived/scripted. We misremembered this as having come from Rebecca herself on the set, but in fact, it came several days earlier when our continuity expert Gregg Nations pointed it out and suggested using Rebecca's actual birthday for Charlotte. And so, the mistake was OURS. Rebecca's production draft DID have the date as being 1979.

Our first mistake was the timeline gaffe, but the much more significant one was wrapping Rebecca up in this when she had nothing to do with it. Not her fault on any level. It was our bad. One hundred percent. We will say as much in a very special "Eating Crow" edition of our Podcast tomorrow. Speaking of which, what a wonderful world we live in where we can make a comment in a Podcast that triggers a response on someone's Facebook page and that triggers a mea culpa on someone else's blog. Ah, technology."

So there you go! Thanks to Rebecca for the official statement and am I sure she will see Darlton's apology as well.

What do you all think!?