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Happy LOST Story of The Oceanic Six Day!!

Hey All,
Well today is officially Happy LOST Story of the Oceanic Six Day!! For those that do not know, today there is NO new LOST episode, but there is a clip show that will or is supposed to give us the story of the Oceanic Six "like we have NEVER seen before".

Ok Ok...I know it is just another recap show for those that are not hardcore like us. Yes having a one week break sucks, but at the end of the day it is a benefit to all of you that listen to the ODI Lost Podcast, because it gave us time to work out our schedules to finally get DarkUFO to join us once again and this time Vozzek will also be a part of the podcast.

Yes, four LOST and Star Wars geeks talking and rambling on about a LOST episode that had several Star Wars references!! Boy, this is going to be fun.

Of course, whether you all enjoy it is a whole different story!!

So in the meantime, here is the promo for tonight's special clip show.

Enjoy and the podcast will be up in a day or so!!

Thanks to Lost LaFleur for the clip