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Jorge Garcia Makes Appearance in Spain

Hey All,
Last week we had a post detailing how LOST Star Jorge Garcia was making an appearance in Spain for the new network that will no be airing LOST in Spain.

Below are some images, a link to a couple of videos of the interview session, and the translation of his interview.

Thanks to our friend Elena from Lostzilla.net who was at the event and sent over all the details!!

Check out the videos here: Jorge Garcia in Spain

(Click to Enlarge)

Full Interview:

If you could play any other character on the show, which one would it be?

It'd be fun to play Ben. Because he's opposite to Hurley, and sometimes actors like to play the "evil guy" parts.

How's your life in Hawaii like, and with who do to have a closer relationship with, form your castmates?

I won't choose my favourite from the cast, but I often go to Josh's or Daniel's. Elizabeth lives near my house too. As does Ian Cusick. Josh has just had a baby and I went to his house for the baby shower. We celebrated Halloween in my house, Michael Emerson and Josh came... We're all friends.

Do you have any special memories while filming?

Matthew Fox and I have a big problem: we laugh a lot when we're working, specially when we have to look at each other. We always start laughing. We were filming this scene in which we were in the background and we had to look at each other, and we were just staring at a point beyond each other, but on camera, it looked like we were looking at each other.

Which one is the moment you remember the most from the show? Do you play lottery?

I don't play lottery. And my favorite moment... Season one, pilot episode, when we're running and the wing from the plane falls over me. I remember that a lor, because that was the first time I did something like that in my career. It was like an action movie.

Are you superstitious? Have you ever used the numbers?

Once, I made an interview with a magazine from the US, and for the picture, they had me playing lottery with the numbers, but I didn't really play, I don't know if I won anything. And I'm a little superstitious. I got my superstitions from my grandmother. I remember two: never speak badly about dead people, and never celebrate a birthday on advance, and if you do, don't wish happy birthday.

Are Lost characters extraterrestrials? In which other TV show would you work?

I have to make sure I really understood that question. As far as I know, they're not extraterrestrials. I hope not. I watch a lot of tv shows, and if I wasn't in Lost... I'm a big fan of Mad Men, Friday Night Lights and The Office. It'd be a lot of fun to work in those, but it's very special to film Lost. I mean, we shoot in Hawaii, for god's shake.

About the aliens... that'd be too easy, because then, there are no rules. It'd be like... you wouldn't like Lost to end with "everything was a dream", you wouldn't want that ending.

Some of your castmates have said that they're a little tired of living in Hawaii for so long. Are you, too? Are you tired of the show, do you see it as a handicap for working in different projects?

No, I'd love to still be on the show for another 10 years. I love living in Hawaii. Life is quiet and nice, and it's easy to hid away from the madness of being popular. I have peace, I can work on my garden, play with my little dog. It's nice.

What would you take with you to a deserted island? And what do you have in common with Hurley?

We're very much alike, because what they don't give to me about him, I fill it with my oown personality. To a deserted island I'd take my Nintendo DS, and also a pillow, because no matter what shelter you build, it's always hard to find a soft spot to put your head on. And a lighter, preferably one of the long ones.

What do you think about the last scene of the show, how will that be or how would you want it to be?

I don't know. I'd like for Hugo to survive till the end, I'd like to know what the smoke monster is, the Black Rock, the fooot statue...

García is a very common surname in Spain. Where does it come from, how come you speak such a good Spanish?

García comes from my dad, who's form Chile, my mom's from Cuba, so my spanish I learnt it at the same time I learnt english. My great grandfather or something... they came to Cuba from Germany and Spain. Something like that.

Do you have your theories about the show? What will you write in your blog about Spain when you go back home?

I'll definitely do a chapter about the TV Show El Hormiguero. I don't know if that's something I can show to my mum... I just arrived yesterday, it's the only thing I've done by now. I'd like to see the Guernica.

About the theory... no, I stopped making them in season one. It's complicated and it's easier to just do my job, my little part, and let the writers do their part.

WHO would you take to a deserted island?

In the US there's this show named Survivor. I would take them, they would be useful for surviving.

From your castmates, who would be the best one at surviving in a real island?

I don't know, but Terry O'Quinn has gotten really good at throwing knifes. That'd be useful..

We saw your romance with Libby. If Hugo had another romance, with one of the girls would you like it to be?

I don't know, it'd have to be a new character.

Wouldn't you like Kate?

I'd like to have a romance with them all, but I can't choose, they're going to read this and I can't choose.

Would you participate in a reality show like Survivor? If you were not an actor, what would you do?

I like the part about surviving, searching for water and stuff, but the game itself is more about manipulation skills, and I don't want to be a part of that.

If I wasn't an actor... I'd love to be the guy who selects the songs for the soundtracks.

How did your like change after you joined Lost?

Everything changed. I have the same friends in LA. I came to Hawaii and then I became famous, so when I go back to LA I'll be famus in a place where I wasn't before... It's surreal, when I go out with my friends in LA and there are paparazzis on the streets. There's good stuff too, you get treated well in restaurants, you're not worried about your car breaking down... but you have to think twice before going to buy some milk with a dirty shirt.

People who don't watch Lost think it's a "show for freak. Do you actors think the same?

Yeah, but that shouldn't keep anyone from watching the show, it's a character's show and I think it'd would not be as good if you didn't care about thos characters. If you watch the first episode of Lost, we got you hooked!