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SpoilerTV Names S3 Final Scene as Most Unforgettable

Hey All,
Our good friends over at SpoilerTV Forums (which you can access by clicking the "Forum Tab" in the menu bar above) over the last two months have been counting down the Top 50 Most Unforgettable Moments in LOST so far.

I am sure with a little over more than a Season to go it will no doubt change, but it is a great list.

Well forum user DharmaFlashes has been counting down the moments and finally announced that the Most Unforgettable Moment is the Season 3 Finale Flash Forward reveal with Jack and Kate.

I know many spoiler fans had that scene ruined and unbelievably with all the spoilers I knew and post, I was spoiler-free and it was truly an amazing moment to watch!!

You can check out all 50 moments at the following link:


However, here is that unforgettable moment with a drunk broken down bearded Jack!!