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Four-Toed Staue Confirmed as Tawaret by ABC

Hey All,
I was reading Jeff Jensen's most recent post at EW and in his post he had a link to the official ABC recap for the Season 5 Finale The Incident, that states the Four-Toed Statue is indeed the Goddess Tawaret.

I am not sure how long this recap has been available and this information was available, but it is the first time I have seen it.

So for all of you that were claiming the statue was Tawaret, I guess you are right.

What does this all mean!?

Tawaret is known as the goddess of pregnancy and childbirth, which of course could be a reference to the pregnancy issues on the island.

Also, if we think back to season three when Richard tells Locke that Ben is wasting the Others time with "novelties" such as the pregnancy issues and then hands Locke Sawyer's file. He basically "pushes" Locke towards convincing Sawyer to kill Locke's father Cooper.

So if Jacob lives in the statue and Richard seems to be working for Jacob then why do they convince or influence Locke to have Sawyer get redemption via a revenge killing!? Especially if we are led to believe that Jacob seems to be a force for good?? Maybe Jacob is not who we think he might be!?

I don't know, perhaps I am missing something!? What do you all think!?

Here is a link to Wikipedia's entry on Tawaret