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LOST Season 6 to Possibly Have New Time Slot Again!?

Hey All,
Apparently the initial reports from ABC for their 2009 schedule once again does not have LOST in any specific time slot. This is no surprise as this has happened every year for the last few seasons, because ABC always waits to see how their new shows fair and then pick a time slot for LOST.

However, it seems like the current options according to E! Online, are the show will air in the Wed 9PM time slot or perhaps move to Tuesday nights at 10PM.

Our good friend DarkUFO received a report that it was going to be moved to Thursdays. At this point I do not think many of the fans care we just want to see the 6th and final season now!

Of course, LOST deserves a little more respect I guess and should be given it's own time slot no matter what, but it always comes down to maximizing the profits, so I think we might have to wait a few more months to see how the Fall shows do.

If there is any additional news we will keep you all updated.