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Charlie Appears in New ABC Promo!?

*UPDATED* 5:45PM PST It seems like exactly as I suspected, Dominic Monaghan is NOT returning to LOST, but will be joining the cast of another ABC show as a surprise. My guess will be one of ABC's new shows like V or Flash Forward, but maybe a current show like Desperate Houswives.

Here is something that will be sure to stir the pot in the LOST Universe. Dominic Monaghan appears as Charlie Pace once again, but this time in a promo by ABC. The promo is a part of the other promos that have seen Matthew Fox and Jorge Garcia in other cross over promos.

It seems like Charlie says "Actually I was" when asked if he was dead??

Thanks to Blackbox for the heads up. Another ABC promo this time featuring Charlie Pace, could we be expecting him back?