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ODI LOST Season 5 Finale Podcast Update

Hey All,
Once again thanks to all of you have sent in messages, posted comments or Tweeted wondering where the next part of the finale podcast is!?

Well we got about half way through the recording, but were not been ble to finish because I have been out of town all week long dealing with a personal family emergency. All is well, but the time to actually finish recording and editing has just not been there.

If things free up this week then I might be able to get the next part up in the next few days otherwise it will be towards the end of next week.

In the meantime, my good friends and podcast partners Karen and Vozzek (Danny), have made some recent posts on their sites.

Karen has been moving over all of her previous seasons blogs from her MySpace account to her new site and Vozzek recently made a post over at DarkUFO that compares the old Land of the Lost show to LOST.

Here are links for you to check out their posts:


Also, you can always check out old podcasts you missed if you are a new listener or just did not have time to listen before.

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