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Countdown to ComicCon 09!!

Hey All.
It is that time of year again!! San Diego Comic Con 09 (SDCC09) is little over a month away!!

If you still do not know what SDCC is, then let me give you a quick update. SDCC is largest comic book convention, but it is more of a TV/Movie/SciFi Fans dream world. Networks and studios have booths and panels to promote their old and new shows and movies.

So of course LOST will be represented and this year is promised to be HUGE. This is the last year for LOST at Comic Con (yes that was hard to type), but Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse promise something "special" for the fans.

In previous years they have provided us with sneak peeks and special Dharma Initiative videos and last year they gave a special prize to each person that asked a question. Matthew Fox was with Darlton last year and there was the Dharma Initiative booth that launched the FAILED ORG ARG, but because of that booth myself and several other Losties were lucky enough to meet and chat with them up close and personal!!

This year my guess is they will be doing something similar with out the Dharma Booth. The panel is indeed scheduled for Saturday, but this year it will be at 11AM and it will be in the huge Hall H again that seats 6,500 (I hear they are expanding it). There will most likely be at least 1 panel at 10AM before LOST, but you will have to sit through that to get a good seat for the LOST Panel.

Last year it was also the second panel and several of you out there braved the early morning hours to hang out and have fun while waiting in line. If you are planning to visit SDCC again this year, I will be there again live blogging and tweeting not only the LOST events but anything and everything else!!

I would love to hang with you all again!! I would say one of the best parts of the weekend is actually getting to meet everyone so I am really looking forward to it all. Tickets are unfortunately sold out, but if you are one of the lucky few that have tickets, then do not forget it is from July 23rd to 26th, with a preview night on Wed the 22nd.

As I mentioned, I will be blogging live for both The ODI and DarkUFO during the LOST events and then for SpoilerTV for other shows and movies. Of course I can not do this all by myself, so if you want to help out with the taking pictures, video tapping, blogging or tweeting or just want to hang out please let us know!!

Please email me at: mrtheodi@gmail.com

More information to follow as we get closer to the event, but here are a few helpful links and a video from waiting in line last year!!

NOTE: Sites will be updated over the next month so keep checking for new updates.

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