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Video from Top Chef Masters with LOST Writers

**UPDATED** Official video from Bravo added below.

Hey All,
Last night LOST Writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse along with several other members of the writing staff appeared on Top Chef Masters.

Top Chef Masters is reality show competition where 4 established chefs (masters) go head to head and the winner gets money for their charity.

The main elimination challenge was a LOST Themed challenge where the chefs could only use ingredients found on the island such as: boar, fish, sea urchins, all types of fruits, and then can goods from a secret Dharma Initiative List.

If you missed the episode, here is a small clip of the LOST writing crew tasting all four dishes and providing the other judges (food critics) their feedback.


Thanks to our good friend SycloneFX for the clip.

NOTE: The first clip is from the official Bravo website and actually occurs before the scene in the second video.