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Jeremy Bentham and LaFleur Submitted for Emmys

Hey All,
Today apparently ABC submitted The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham and LaFleur for consideration and to represent the show for Best Drama.

What does this mean!? Well all the people who vote will have to base their votes on these two episodes. Yes, some of you are probably wondering why The Incident of Dead is Dead were not submitted and yes they are probably two better episodes.

However, based on the voting system and with so many voters that do not watch LOST on a regular basis, well TLADOJB and LaFleur are fairly stand alone episodes that showcase the acting of several the key actors, Terry O' Quinn, Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway, and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Hopefully their acting will be good enough to get the show enough votes to at least be nominated as Best Drama.

Thanks to our good friend DarkUFO for the heads up.