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Lost Producers Shocked By Emmy Nominations

Lost's executive producers say the ABC drama collected its latest Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series in spite of — as well as because of — this past season's hyper-serialized, time-skipping narrative.

"We are very happy, and we are kind of shocked," Carlton Cuse told TVGuide.com. "Doing the time travel-heavy genre, we did not have any expectations that we would get nominated."

But Cuse and fellow exec producer Damon Lindelof say they are not surprised to see cast member Michael Emerson earn another nomination for his portrayal of the enigmatic Benjamin Linus.

"Michael has been such an amazing part of the show," says Cuse. "His performance, particularly in the episode 'The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham,' is spectacular."

This year the drama series category was expanded to six nominees, but a tie resulted in seven total contenders — five of them on cable. The crowded, formidable, and by-and-large edgier field only adds to the honor of being nominated, say the producers.

"The idea that we made it into the mix with the limitations of broadcast is pretty exciting to us," Lindelof says. Adds Cuse, "Dexter, Big Love, Breaking Bad... Those are shows we think are really well done."

Source: TV Guide