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Happy 8/15 Day and Trip to Hawaii!!

Hey All,
Yes today is August 15th and many LOST fans across the world are celebrating it as 815 Day!!

So on this special day I would like to announce that Tuesday I will be taking one of my first extended vacations in a very long time!! This is my first real vacation since I have had this site running for over two years and luckily it will be to the beautiful island of Hawaii!! :)

So this coming Tuesday I head to Kona, Hawaii with my family and we will spend several days there and then on the 23rd I will take a flight sitting in seat 15F to Oahu!! Yes that is right LOST Isle!

This is my first trip to Hawaii and I am pretty excited to check out this beautiful place and of course then check out all of the LOST locations!

Filming for Season 6 of LOST is scheduled to start on the 24th and I am really hoping fate is in my favor and I will be able to see some filming taking place.

At times I feel this site can eat up too much of my time but I love doing it and I have met so many great friends among the LOST Community it is all worth it. Luckily I will be able to meet some of these friends including Ryan and his wife Jen from The Transmission podcast, Set Reporter Roxy, Jon Barrand a fan turned extra on LOST, Wendy aka Kanahina and many many others!!

I will have my laptop on my and will have my iPhone, so I should be able to post updates and pictures on the site and via my Twitter account. If you still have not signed up to Twitter then you need to, because you can get instant alerts for everything we post across the whole site.

Check out my Twitter account here: @TheODI

Regular LOST news might be a bit slower to post but I will have my good friends DarkUFO and Karen that will be keeping an eye on the site. We also have several members of Team ODI that will be keeping and eye on the Heroes section and big team keeping an eye on all the SpoilerTV pages as well.

So I hope you all have a Happy 815 Day and I can't wait to report back to all of you about any happenings next week on LOST Isle.