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Welcome to the New Site

UPDATE: The New Site has been uploaded on all pages, we're sorry for any problems you may have had as we updated the site but hope it was worth it. In the coming weeks new features will be added including a FunZone for fan-fiction, polls, fan-art and more. Go to FunZone and upload images of your art to start the fun.

If you feel something is not working please contact us via the Submit button or email us at: mrtheodi@gmail.com


We’ve packed the new ODI site with the capability to perform and cater for greater needs of the reader. See how below.

Neater Design
We’ve streamlined it all, it’s out with the clutter in with the clean, most of what you need appears in a toolbar at the bottom of your page which follows you around as you scroll or switch page.
The bar offers translation, recent posts, a search box, twitter posts, RSS and any notifications we feel you need to know. If you get bored or find it obtrusive, just press the arrows and it collapses out of the way.

Easier Sharing

Sharing has been made possible with several new features. The top left of this post has a tweet button, this means you can tweet the article from where you are and spread the spoilers on the web without moving a muscle; our footer now has an AddThis feature with 54 options, it’s a simple rollover and then choose your site!

Our sidebar is also new and improved, at the top you’ll see an option to visit the profiles of our twitter, Facebook, YouTube and RSS feeds, the links are available elsewhere but the sidebar is our personal “hub” where we’ll keep everything you want and need.

All the old features remain too, so don’t worry about the bookmark button or spoiler links as they’re here to stay.

Submit a Scoop

As an upgrade from email, we’ve got a button and form you can press to contact the ODI if you find a great spoiler, preview or other that you think we need to know.

If you use Spoiler Tv, it works exactly the same; just click the button “Submit a Scoop” at the top of every page and fill in the form…we just ask that if you have a Heroes spoiler, you submit it on the Heroes page and if your spoiler concerns Lost you submit it on the Lost page and so on.

New Commenting

The new site has a new commenting software which is easy to use, and has the ability to log on to profile and private message. You can also flag comments if you think there is something wrong with them and add images. Click the Follow button to receive information when a blogger replies to your post.

Please remember the site is in beta testing, and there may well be a few glitches- just message us if you have a problem. The Podcast and Funzone sections are also in construction, but will be coming soon.

Finally, enjoy the new site and explore for yourself! Tell us what you think below