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Got My LOST Halloween Costume Today!!

Hey All,
In honor of this being the last season of LOST I decided to wear a LOST Related costume. I really wanted to go with an Orange Dharma Jumpsuit, but eventually settled on a simple lab coat with a the Swan Hatch Logo ala Dr. Candle aka Pierre Cheng!!

Are you wearing a LOST Halloween Costume!? Will you have LOST related decorations or even carve your pumpkin with a Dharma Logo!?

If so please feel to share your ideas with the rest of the readers and if you want me to post your costume, please email via using the Submit Scoop Button above! :)

If you want one of these lab coats you can buy them on eBay or buy your own lab coat and buy the Dharma Patch and just sew it on the coat!!

Have a Happy Halloween!!